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How Ringwalks works

Are you tired of waking up in the middle of the night, only to find out that it still takes hours before your favorite fighter appears in the ring? Or maybe you completely forgot about a fight that you definitely wanted to watch?
With Ringwalks, you no longer have to worry. Select the fights you wish to follow and get notified when both fighters make their ring walk. It gives you plenty of time to tune in, grab some popcorn and get comfy on your couch. It’s as simple as that!

How Ringwalks Works

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Fight Info

Check our calendar for fight schedules, and find stats on both boxers, estimated ring walk times, and viewing details on the “Fight Screens”.

My Fights

As soon as we add fights to our app, you can add them to “My Fights”. Once they are added to “My Fights”, you will receive a notification when both fighters make their way to the ring. 


Ringwalks PRO

To enjoy an ad-free experience on our app, subscribe to Ringwalks Pro. Monthly and yearly subscriptions are available at a low cost. 


You can now make predictions on each fight and establish yourself as a boxing expert on our app’s “Predictions” page. Your professional predictions record can also be viewed here. 

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